Every Sealease prospect is unique, be it the specific product/service which is required, a financial optimisation which needs to be calculated or the ideal boat model which needs to be selected. The Sealease staff is committed to take the necessary time to respond to these questions. Below you will find a snapshot of the most common Q&A.

No customer is the same, each has different requirements and financial means. The Sealease staff will always seek the optimum solution through a Q&A with its prospects.

What are the different financing products Sealease offers?
We provide long term (5-8 years) full service lease products which is the combination of funding (depreciation + interest) plus value added services (flag, commissioning, etc). This can be with or without a purchase option, ie :
  • A finance lease : the residual value is pre-set at the start of the contract (eg. 20% of the initial value)
  • An operating lease : the residual value will be the “Fair market Value” which will be applicable at the end of the contract
What happens at the end of a lease contract?
At the end of the term the customer can choose between three options :
  1. To Buy the boat : at preset residual value (in case of finance lease) or fair market value (in case of operating lease)
  2. To extend the existing lease contract : for an additional 12 months minimum
  3. To return the boat to Sealease, without any other obligation.
The customer will need to communicate his final decision 6 months before end of contract.
What is the down-payment at start of the lease contract?
Sealease is unique in this area and accepts a low down payment, as low as 10-20%. This guarantee will be reimbursed to the customer if all contractual obligations have been met during the life time of the lease.
What are the different monthly payment profiles?
Sealease is flexible and will seek the optimum solution with each individual client. The leases can be fixed during the length of the contract or flexible payments to allow cash matching between income stream and costs in case there is significant seasonability.
Who is responsible for the maintenance of the boat?
Proper and regular maintenance is key to guarantee a fair residual value. The fleet operator takes full responsibility for the maintenance of the ship and Sealease – as owner of the boat – reserves the right to inspect the boat at regular intervals. To avoid confusion the Sealease lease contract includes a maintenance charter.
Are there locations where Sealease will not operate?
Sealease is truly global and has no limitations except for those countries excluded by the UNO conventions. Based on the 4 flags offered by Sealease (Belgium, France, Germany and Spain) our boats are being operated across the globe. We are exploring whether to add additional flags if the volume and legislation makes sense (eg. Indonesian, Croation and UAE flag).

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