The story of Sealease

Drawn on a piece of paper in 2006, the “Full Service Lease” concept of Sealease has proven to the response to the needs of fleet operators eager to grow their business.

For centuries the marine sector has been a growing industry across the globe, where new boat designs and innovative financial constructions are keeping a fast pace.

The Sealease Company ( has been created as a response to the needs of fleet operators who did not find the financial means to fund future growth. Whilst they wanted to add new vessels to the existing portfolio they were unable to purchase themselves or get a loan from the traditional credit institutions.

Since its creation in 2006 we have been ackowledged as a key differentiator in the B2B marine business through the offering of unique financial constructions, tailored to the specific needs and means of the client base. The Sealease concept is a Full Service Lease product tailored to offer an off-balance sheet capex to fleet operators with a competitive service package provided by a rift of marine experts.
From our global HQ in Belgium we have developed a global business and set up divisions in Belgium and France as well as its branches in Germany and in Spain.

Today Sealease is active across five specific boat segments : Yacht charters, Day-charters, Passenger boats, utility boats and Living boats. Since 19th of April 2011 Sealease SA has become a subsidiary of the « Yildirim Group of companies » sharing the aim to boost business 5-fold by 2015.

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