Our Full Service Lease product we offer for boats is similar to that which is known for company cars, ie funding plus services. Sealease offers a "Full Service Lease" product which encompasses the funding of the ships supported by a rift of tailored added-value services (flag registration, insurance, commissioning, maintenance, etc.). For Sealease the "one-stop-stop" concept is known as "one-stop-ship".

Sealease businnes model

The marine professionals appreciate this off-balance sheet product where for a monthly recurring fee they can operate their fleet during the length of the lease and focus on their day-to-day business. 

To date Sealease operates in 5 main boat segments: the touristic charter market and day-charter market (mainly sail boats), the short sea passenger boat market (diesel, electrical or hybrid), the specialized utility boat market. The Living boats are a new segment which we added recently.

In each of these segments, Sealease is multi-branded meaning we have contacts with all boat manufacturers which guarantees neutral advice regarding the optimum brand/model for its customers.

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Leasing vs buying


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