Our customers witness the preferred relationships we have with our network of suppliers to finetune a service pack tailored to their needs


  • Neutral assistance to select boat based on customer requirements.
  • The "Eco-Pro" service provides "best in cost" alternatives models to customers by proposing boats with similar spec yet at a lower cost ("Economic-Proposal").
  • In case the boat needs to be tailored manufactured, Selease assists in construction follow-up (with Bureau Veritas) and certification


  • Range of options : shipping and delivery of the boat on customer site, reception and inspection of the boat at arrival, commissioning, flag registration, insurance pack (incl piracy, cyclones and P&I), internet tracking system, on-line billing, etc
  • Flexibility in contract duration (from 36 to 96 months), initial down payment and monthly payments (eg. matching customers' seasonality)
  • Flexibility to swap the unit during length of lease or transfer the unit elsewhere

After Sales

  • At end of contract, the customer has the flexibility to either return the boat, buy it (at pre-defined price or Fair Market Value) or extend the lease for an additional period.
  • Forward sale program allowing to sell the unit at any time during the contract


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