Day Charters


Our clients are fleet operators managing one or more sailing yachts dedicated to the day charter boats. The typical boat size is 60 to 90 feet in length with a capacity of up to 150 pax yet without sleeping facilities. These sailing boats are typically catamarans providing great comfort even for those individuals not used to sail. Sealease has seen a growing demand from touristic resorts in sunny areas where individuals seek a one-day excursion trip with or without catering. The operators are well connected to the touristic channels - such as hotels - to maximize rotation.


  • Shipyard international development

    Olivier Mesnier, Chantier CIM - Rochefort, FranceShipyard international development

    ‘‘Sealease expertise, its competence in the marine sector and its ability to set up projects worldwide have made it the obvious partner when we decided to grow internationally with our new boats, the Fast 62.’’

  • Introduction of Taïti 75 in Lanzarotte

    Marco Magariños, Funcat Primero SL - Tenerife, CanariasIntroduction of Taïti 75 in Lanzarotte

    ‘‘The marine day cruises business is very active in the Archipelago of the Canary Islands and my first boat, the "Free Bird One", was not enough to meet the demand. With its long term renting formula where the rentals take into consideration the revenues seasonality, Sealease enabled the effective operation of my new Taïti 75. I was accompanied by Sealease from the beginning of the project up to the delivery of the boat in Lanzarotte.’’

  • Sealease, business enabler

    Esteban Pujolar, Mare Nostrum, Concessionnaire Fountaine Pajot Espagne, Spécialiste Day Charter - Rosas, Espagne

    ‘‘I know when I am presenting Sealease to one of my customers that everything will be done always in a professional and pertinent way in order to find the appropriate solution that should allow him to take serenely his decision. Sealease intervenes quickly in the project, they do not limit themselves to simple credit checks but support much further by concrete advisory on tax schemes, commercial development and techinical matters. In short, with Sealease, I know that if the project does not go through, this is how it was meant to be.’’