Utility Boats


Our clients are professionals active in ports,  in-land waterways or offshore supply and maintenance services, managing one or more utility boats. Their activities cover different fields of expertise such as cleaning, de-polluting, monitoring, security, transportation, supply and maintenance. These motor-boats can be diesel or electrical, small (eg. de-pollution boat of 12 feet) to big (eg. a thug pushing a 300.000 T ship in the harbor). Beyond providing the funding we secure a framework of service contracts tailored to the specific technicalities related to the sector (beaches, canals, harbors, etc).


  • Activity diversification: cleaning of the banks of Meuse

    Sophie Bouchet, Meuse Travaux - Huy, BelgiumActivity diversification: cleaning of the banks of Meuse

    ‘‘Thanks to my three years contract with the Meuse bordering communes, the visibillity on the revenues of this activity was no surprise to me but it was still needed for me to have a control on the charges. Sealease came with an long term rental offer with an end of term purchase possibility at 20%. This kind of contract proved to be very suitable with the business model of this activity, I logically concluded with Sealease.’’